"All it takes is a little preparation. Simply marinate the salmon overnight using Mr. Q's Garlicky Sweet Marinade, then you're all set to broil it on the big day. It's perfect served with a side salad or potatoes, so feel free to customize the recipe to suit your taste."


"Mr. Q runs a Filipino barbecue company in New Jersey that not only caters to festivals, street fairs and other events, but also makes a delicious marinade his late Mom came up with when he was a boy. We had a very socially distant sit down (all the way across the pond) with Mr. Q...".

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"David Quisumbing is an entrepreneur, bartender, and cross-fitter. He owns a

bbq sauce company, a food truck, and is partnered with

Sweetberry Bowls and Greenrock Tap and Grill.

He loves working out..."

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